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21 June 2015




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Nikahs and Walimas



28 June 2014






Resolving Disputes



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Husband Wife relationship



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A Nikah filled with blessings

Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam is reported to have said:


"Verily the Nikah that contains the most Barakah is that Nikah in which the least amount of expenses is incurred"


Due to the teachings mentioned in the above Hadith, simplicity should be adopted in our Nikahs.


The need and importance of pre-marital classes

There are certain restrictions and commands of Allah Ta'ala in Nikah that have to be adhered to, therefore one should acquaint himself with these laws and restrictions.


A person studies the relevant manuals prior to learning how to drive a vehicle. A person intending to perform Haj attends Haj seminars or classes prior to undertaking the spiritual journey of Haj.


Similarly one should do a course wherein one is educated regarding the rights of one's spouse, in-laws, knowing one's own rights, etc. Knowledge is the leader and Amal (action) is the follower. One cannot act upon the injunctions of Shariat without possessing the relevant knowledge.